Going rogue in the Bio-Cup

The Bio-Cup, an annual tournament for LEGO constraction builders, has grown to become one of the biggest events on the LEGO fan calendar. The preliminary round has concluded and 27 builders advanced to Round 2, where each is assigned a D&D type character class as a theme. VelociJACKtor, whose first round entry tugged our heartstrings, is first across the line in Round 2 with his “Wandering Assassin,” in the “Rogue” category.  The assassin is an elegant figure armed with a Bionicle blade and a face/mask borrowed from Garma Mecha Man. The highlight, though, has to be the rogue’s mount, a lovely robot mixing Bionicle and Technic parts, topped with a System saddle, which gives new meaning to the phrase “rubbernecking.” VelociJACKtor has given the pair such a personality, one can’t help but be curious about their harrowing travels across a techno-fantasy landscape.

Wandering Assassin

While we wait to see who makes it to Round 3, be sure to check out our Bio-Cup archives.

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