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A gonk-themed fever dream

There is a lot going on in this super-sized GNK droid build by B&W Bricks. Clearly fed up of being the butt of jokes in the Star Wars universe, this unloved droid has decided to take matters into its own hands, by giving itself some. As well as this upgrade, it seems to have taken to organised crime. In this maniacal pose it actually reminds me of the grumpy robot in Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Day Out. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the GNK is an upscaled imitation of the minifigure-scale one that comes in LEGO sets, matched by an upscaled blaster and letter tile. There’s also a stormtrooper alarm clock, some deck chairs, a case of money, and… A stormtrooper wielding Minecraft weapons? I suppose it’s one of the droid’s minions. Either way, they seem to be terrorising poor Jedi Bob. To be fair if I was pursued by a vengeful walking battery and a stormtrooper with a diamond sword, I’d be terrified as well.

LEGO Ultimate Gonk Droid MOC [sw0073a] Minifigure Upscale x6 ( LEGO Star Wars GNK Power Droid )

May the gonk be with you, always

Speaking of LEGO Ultimate Collector Series sets, it seems that fans only care about giant models of famous vehicles and starships. But what about droids, especially the most essential ones? Jared Reisweber pays tribute to the unnoticed workhorse, the iconic Gonk Droid. I think this large-scale build looks gorgeous. All the buttons, wires, and indicators are spot-on, and how can you not like those adorable feet? The only thing I would change is the amount of weathering, but who needs a beat-up droid?


Free Star Wars mini droid VIP exclusive with Droid Commander set purchase and a free LEGO lunchbox [News]

The LEGO Store Online has two promotions currently. First up is an exclusive gift with purchase of the LEGO BOOST 75253 Droid Commander set. VIPSs receive a free “mini” version of the droid commander set with a printed Star Wars anniversary tile. The promotion is available through Sept. 15 or while supplies last, so you may want to grab these as soon as you can.  199.99 USD | 269.99 CAD | 179.99 UK.

The second promotion is for an old school metal lunchbox with an image of the original patent on the front. This retro promotion is available online only with purchases more than $99 through September 15 or until supplies run out.

Click to get a closer look at the exclusives, along with instructions.

Watch this LEGO Boost Droid Commander orchestra play the Star Wars theme [News]

The droids are starting to work together… to create music! LEGO released a video today showing an incredible amount of droids from 75253 LEGO Boost Droid Commander working in concert to perform the main theme from Star Wars. While John Williams might not approve, the many R2-D2, Gonk, and Mouse droids show off just a few of the things Boost is capable of.

Click to watch the Star Wars droid orchestra in action.

Build and program your own Star Wars droid with this LEGO BOOST Droid Commander set [News]

LEGO has revealed Star Wars Droid Commander, a 1,100-piece set that lets you build and program three droids from the Star Wars universe including the iconic R2-D2, a Gonk droid and a Mouse droid. The set uses the LEGO Boost platform in combination with a new free app to help learn programming to achieve success in more than 40 pre-loaded missions. The set is expected to retail for US $199.99 | CAN $249.99 | UK £179.99 starting September 1st.

Click to get a closer look at the Droid Commander set