Watch this LEGO Boost Droid Commander orchestra play the Star Wars theme [News]

The droids are starting to work together… to create music! LEGO released a video today showing an incredible amount of droids from 75253 LEGO Boost Droid Commander working in concert to perform the main theme from Star Wars. While John Williams might not approve, the many R2-D2, Gonk, and Mouse droids show off just a few of the things Boost is capable of.

The video is partly the work of musician “Look Mum No Computer” who is known for creating unconventional instruments like his flame thrower organ or his Furby organ. He conducts the droid army and likely helped with some of the more Rube-Goldberg-like effects.

LEGO set designer Carl Merriam was also on hand to help make sure all the droids were playing their part correctly. As the designer of the set, Carl knows the droids inside and out and would be the perfect person to help fix any bad motivators. The entire orchestra was controlled via many Boost apps (though they might have more success programming in JawaScript).

75253 LEGO Boost Droid Commander comes with 1,177 pieces and retails for US $199.99 | CAN $249.99 | UK £179.99. A full gallery of behind-the-scenes photos is included below.