LEGO BrickHeadz from Jurassic World – 41614 Owen & Blue [Review]

BrickHeadz are clearly here to stay, and no matter what your favorite film genre, there is a BrickHeadz character for that… or at least there will be someday. Now we can add the cloned dinosaur survival genre to that list with the recent announcement of 41614 Owen & Blue from the Jurassic World franchise. This set features our favorite velociraptor-whisperer, Owen Grady, along with Blue, the only surviving velociraptor from the recent installment of Jurassic World. The 41614 Owen & Blue two-pack set retails for $19.99 and includes 234 pieces.

The box

The color scheme of the box matches the dark orange and metallic scheme of the other Jurassic World sets previously covered on TBB (with reviews forthcoming in the next few days). Both Owen and Blue are featured on the front and the back of the box along with their stands. Speaking of the stands, there are no printed tiles included for this set, and they are not listed as part of any other series. They’re numbered 47 and 48 in the BrickHeadz series.

The box content

The set has 234 pieces in 2 numbered bags, and 2 instruction booklets, one for each model. Each numbered bag also includes a second unnumbered bag with the smaller parts.

The build

Starting with Owen, we have a fairly standard BrickHeadz body construction, with the exception of a small gap on the right side of the body to allow for the inclusion of a bracket plate for Owen’s holster, which comes later in the build. Owen’s hair is medium nougat, and his shirt is sand blue.

The model features three printed bricks — the front of his shirt, and two pockets for his cargo vest.

The finished model looks ready for action and bears a solid resemblance to his on-screen inspiration.

Moving on to Blue, we get a few obvious changes to the basic humanoid body plan, but still surprisingly in line with the overall BrickHeadz design aesthetic. First, the body starts out as a standard 4×4 body, but the addition of a 2×4 bracket plate with curved parts rounds out the front of Blue’s torso. The front legs are a variation of the hands from a standard BrickHeadz model, but still very similar in their design.

Blue features four printed elements. Two 1×4 bricks printed with dino scales, and two 1×3 tiles featuring some cute teeth.

Blue’s head also starts out as a relatively standard head, complete with the pink 2×2 brick for a brain, but uses additional sloped parts to shape the snout, and, of course, features the eye tile on either side of the head. Blue is made primarily of sand green and dark green.

The completed figures

Owen is easily recognizable as Chris Pratt and includes plenty of medium nougat colored slopes and tiles for his hair, and features his signature swirly bangs. The final detail to complete the look is Owen’s rifle with tranq dart made to resemble the mini-figure scale gun featured in pretty much every Jurassic World and many other dinosaur sets.

Blue is the real hero of this set in my opinion. The model adheres surprisingly close to the standard BrickHeadz construction, with a few notable exceptions. Starting with the feet, they end in a 1×3 footprint, as opposed to the 1×2 for humanoid characters. Blue also features well placed blue details along her body and head, from which she gets her name. The long tail is not so bulky that it feels out of place, but rather the perfect counter-balance to the larger forward placed head. And speaking of the head, it is only slightly larger than the standard 4×4 base head design, with a very well-designed snout and lower jaw, and those adorable fang-printed tiles complete the figure.

The fact that Blue is such a main character that LEGO decided to include her — rather than one of Owen’s human cast members — in this 2 pack makes me happy. After all, who wouldn’t want a Velociraptor as a sidekick… I mean, after Chewie, of course. As the first non-humanoid BrickHeadz character, I think Blue is my favorite to be released this year. (Yes, I know that there was an Easter bunny BrickHeadz, but that was basically the same design as other upright characters, with floppy ears thrown in)

Conclusion & recommendation

At $19.99 for 234 parts, the set is a pretty good value, and the models are quick to build and great to display. One downside is the same lack of printed tiles that we mentioned in our review of the Han Solo and Chewbacca BrickHeadz from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Personally, I hope we see more animal BrickHeadz in the future, as they are very complimentary to a line-up of upright figures.

LEGO BrickHeadz 41614 Owen & Blue from Jurassic World includes 234 pieces and retails for $19.99. The set is currently available from sellers on eBay and BrickLink and will be available soon from the LEGO Shop.