Remote control LEGO Technic Dodge Viper to spin the dyno [Video]

Nothing screams American metal and gasoline-fueled testosterone like the Dodge Viper. This remote control Technic Dodge Viper comes courtesy of MRX Lego.

Dodge Viper ACR Nurburgring Styling

Of course, a model couldn’t claim the title “Viper” without a white body and blue racing stripes. Additional stylistic details include a front air dam (made of SYSTEM plates), racing seats, a moving (but fake) shift knob, and a massive rear wing spoiler. The interior includes an actual headlight switch under the dashboard that operates the front headlights.

I must also call attention to the interesting use of the “orc greeble” (wing 1 x 4) used for the side body fins and air intake vents.

Among the functional features included on this model are a working steering wheel (turned by a servo motor), opening hood and doors, working headlights, and independent suspension.

The model sports a four-speed gearbox, which I really wanted to see a close-up of (no luck). As demonstrated in the video, each of the four speeds provides a noticeable difference from the others. Two XL motors provide the actual, non-combustion power.

As if the gearbox alone wasn’t cool enough, this remote control car has a working V-10 engine. Rather than using the LEGO engine cylinder, rods, and pistons that you find on other Technic models, MRX Lego built this engine out of axles and liftarms (or so it looks).

(The music rises into a pumpin’ heavy metal riff around 0:14 in the video, so you may want to watch this with volume turned down. Or volume up, if you need something else to pick up your heartrate.)

You can find more pictures of this model on the builder’s Flickr feed!