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Visit the town hall in this quiet LEGO city

There’s a quiet beauty to this masterful LEGO structure by builder Lukasz Liwnik. So many clean lines and un-pocked walls show that the minifig citizens of this village take good care of their town hall. I love the bright shades of white, tan, and gray contrasted against the darker, deeper colors of the surrounding concrete and foliage. And speaking of foliage, those trees are absolutely gorgeous, utilizing the three leaves plate to cover up the inner-shaping of the hedge. But nothing beats the technique used to make those second-story windows. What a simple, elegant solution to a complex shaping problem in brick!

Town Hall

Taking a look at the back of the hall, Lukasz has also included a fountain, sculpture garden, and produce vendor looking to sell his wares. And all of the other minifigures look so busy in their various poses throughout the scene. I hope I get to see more of LUGPOL’s town layout soon!