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Smile for the tachi-camera!

A problem I sometimes have when building with LEGO is that I think too much. Not about life in general – I have a slot in my schedule for existential crises about the struggles of modern life already. What I mean is when I started building something for Marchikoma (the LEGO think tank-themed month), I was thinking about the practicalities of what I was going to build. Will it be armed? Should the legs be armoured? How many will it have, for that matter? And what will I do for the head? Well, for that last one, I came across some smiley faces from a Dots expansion pack. And suddenly, my only criteria became ‘smiley face and big gun’ – which was much more enjoyable to make. Sometimes, it’s better to turn down the brain and let a silly idea lead the way!

Smileykoma & Tinykoma

Don’t STAP me now!

When it comes to making LEGO Star Wars builds, one of my favourite things to make is the smaller, one-man craft. Partly because it’s less parts-intensive (and therefore usually cheaper!), but also because of the challenge. Making an accurate model while retaining a modicum of structural integrity is not always easy. And on top of that, they need to fit a minifigure pilot! Or a battle droid, in this case. This is where parts like the wands from Harry Potter sets come in handy. Once I picked up a couple of those and the candle-stick pieces to form the cannons of these Single Trooper Aerial Platforms (STAPs), the rest of the build flowed quickly from there. It’s funny how one or two pieces can dictate the entirety of a build, even small ones.

Trade Federation Battle Droid STAPs