Not your ordinary Amazon truck

Experts know that delivery isn’t just about time. It’s also about style. And by looking at the colossal MAN TGX41.540 8×4/4 by Dennis Bosman, it’s easy to see: this truck is made for premium delivery experience. Let me save you some time and say that there are 14 wheel axles with 54 wheels on, and most of them are capable of steering.

E-house on transport

And although the truck is the true star here, I can’t help but enjoying the enormous trailer. I love its clean look possible thanks to the scale, but there is quite a number of great building solutions for this utility look. And, of course, it looks awesome with any cargo on it.

MAN TGX "Van der Vlist"

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  1. Guido

    Hi Dennis,
    Nice model!
    I really hope that the load is a Royal Smit Transformer from Nijmegen, the Netherlands.;-)
    Regards, LightningInc.

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