Gardening on the go

As spring full sets in with showers and sunshine, carpets of grass and beds of budding flowers thrive. This clever garden and cargo tricycle by Mel Finelli celebrate the spirit of the season perfectly with a ton of green. Using a ton of repeated elements and minifigure headpieces, Mel not only made some lovely garden beds but also tools, a watering can, and a whole tricycle with its own bed of thriving plant babies.

Out in the Garden

The star of this build is the fifth cycle that Mel has created at this scale. Using a loose connection technique, partnered most likely with an internal structure of hoses, Mel made yet another wonderful frame. Wide-set handlebars and big wheels match the leisurely feel of this cargo cycle packed with plants. This builder certainly has an eye for detail as she masterfully selects parts to emulate little aspects like the bike seat or the pedals.

Out in the Garden

While the cargo trike gives you some mobility, the garden offers an attractive place to watch your sprouts flourish and buds bloom. Tons of leaf and flower elements make up the grass while countless twigs are used to mulch the garden beds. Simple sprouts bud below but Mel used minifigure costume and seaweed elements to make the flowers in the upper bed. Similar to the cycle, the watering can uses some brick-bending techniques to create the rounded shapes of the body, handle, and spout.

Out in the Garden

What a perfect build for this time of the year. Flowers are sprouting in places I didn’t expect outside my house. While the intermittent showers may sour my evening bike rides, I’m sure there will be many more to come. It’s wonderful seeing all the different scenes that Mel creates, how she goes into her techniques, and the history of the bikes she celebrates. A charming build from a charming builder.

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