This Pacific Rim mech is ready to avenge

Giant hulking robots are always fun to see in LEGO form. Psyro TtunTomato has built this awesome version of Gypsy Avenger from Pacific Rim Uprising movie. The model has a muscular design with a slender waist section, all presented in a clean-looking dark blue colour scheme. The golden eye area is cleverly represented by a textured circular brick. While it is in a bit of an odd position, a bike chassis is used to form the crotch of the mech.

Lego pacific rim gipsy avenger

A trans-orange wheel rim portrays the machine’s powerful generator at the chest. When it is time for the final strike against a monster, the mech comes equipped with a chain sword which is represented by a blade first featured in the Nexo Knight sets.

Lego pacific rim gipsy avenger

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