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A LEGO sword bearer on a field of blades

The LEGO blades of grass pale in comparison to the massive claymore wielded by this turquoise-and-white mech by Psyro TtunTomato. I’m pretty sure this build utilizes nearly every two stud-long curved slope, giving the armor plating so many interesting facets. This is contrasted nicely with the sleek flow of the sword’s edges. The turquoise and gold detailing is excellent on the white background, and I love the little hints of trans-light green that bring the palette together. But the thing that makes this creation stand out from your average mech is the exquisite background. That verdant plain full of katana-constructed grass is a genius presentation of a tough-to-use part (when not used as a minifigure weapon).

Lego mech psyrottuntomato Lancelot hommage

Benny’s Mecha, Mecha, MECHA!

Alternate realities are all the rage these days. Consider, for example, the variant reality where Benny (the lovable 1980’s Spaceman from The LEGO Movie) was fixated on robots instead of spaceships. Psyro TtunTomato has been peering into this timeline and brings us a stunning rendition of Benny’s Titan Mech. The classic space blues and greys are there, as is the transparent yellow canopy we know to expect. But check out that arm rocket – a clear tribute to the 897 Mobile Rocket Launcher. I also love how Benny’s Space Squad is still ready to lend a helping hand as the ground crew. There are a lot of great construction techniques on display here – I’m particularly fond of the design on the feet and hands. Even the display stand is an interesting build, with integrated LEGO ingot elements creating a smooth-yet-greebled texture. I’d love to see this one animated…have they finalized the script for The LEGO Movie 3 yet?

Benny’s psyrottuntomato Titan mech

Classic Space Nostalgia runs high in our archive, too. A plethora of great Neo-Classic Space builds are just a click away!

This Pacific Rim mech is ready to avenge

Giant hulking robots are always fun to see in LEGO form. Psyro TtunTomato has built this awesome version of Gypsy Avenger from Pacific Rim Uprising movie. The model has a muscular design with a slender waist section, all presented in a clean-looking dark blue colour scheme. The golden eye area is cleverly represented by a textured circular brick. While it is in a bit of an odd position, a bike chassis is used to form the crotch of the mech.

Lego pacific rim gipsy avenger

A trans-orange wheel rim portrays the machine’s powerful generator at the chest. When it is time for the final strike against a monster, the mech comes equipped with a chain sword which is represented by a blade first featured in the Nexo Knight sets.

Lego pacific rim gipsy avenger

What if Optimus Prime had samurai armour? Here’s your answer.

Psyro TtunTomato has constructed this inventive reimagined version of Optimus Prime presented in a samurai-inspired form. The build retains mechanical details, such as piping and exhausts, while wedge pattern pieces, at the arms and shoulders, creates an aesthetic reminiscent of real-life samurai armour. Receiving a kick from this model looks like it would be painful as the legs have sharp, aggressive angles and are portrayed in a similar style to the Barbatos’ legs from the Gundam Universe. Armed with two long blades, this version of Optimus is ready to slice up some Decepticons. The model has the ability to look different from the original Optimus design, while still being recognizable through its colour scheme.

Lego optimus mech samurai style psyrottuntomato