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Wicked Wizard Anglia

Why a Wizard needed a car, let alone one that could fly and go invisible, is beyond me. Molly Weasley was surely perplexed when her husband revealed the blue Ford Anglia to her. Though this LEGO model by Builder Greg K doesn’t disappear at the push of a button, it does have plenty of room for two second-year rascals and their luggage in its floating chassis. Built at the scale of the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen bus, this model features smooth detailing and brick-built ornaments. Since the car floats above the stand thanks to some clear brick supports, there’s room for some scale-accurate trunks and two cages for a rat and an owl.

HP Ford Anglia

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Automotive versus Arachnid

The wild ride that was Harry Potter’s experience at Hogwarts was surely extremely traumatic. Ron was obviously afraid of spiders but even Harry was jarred by this encounter from the Chamber of Secrets built by Stefan Johansson. The trusty, rusty Ford Anglia may have abandoned Harry and Ron after they crashed it into a tree but its loyalty never faded, as it proved by saving them from being eaten. Whether it has a mind of its own from Arthur Weasley’s tinkering or from all that time in the Forbidden Forest, it’s not going to let some giant creepy-crawlies munch on some kids.

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Albus Dumbledore and the Office of Secrets

After years of rereading, rewatching, and relistening to the series, Dumbledore’s Office evokes a certain brand of nostalgia for me. It’s an emotion somewhere between being in the Principle’s office and sitting down for tea with my quirky grandmother. Seeing it built with such detail at this scale makes me think of how I felt at twelve years old when the Chamber of Secrets was released, and I watched Harry enter the office for the first time. Even as an adult, rewatching the series on repeat with my brother during quarantine, the stories told and secrets shared in this office are plastered on the walls of my mind. Builder Stefan Johansson uses some magical techniques to create this massive model of Dumbledore’s office.

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Harry holds on for dear life

We’ve all seen plenty of LEGO models showing minifig-scale scenes from the Harry Potter books and movies, so it was quite surprising to see Joffre Bricks come up with a wonderfully whimsical take on the flying car scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Using just a few simple plates with clips for the arms, and a very blocky style for the car takes nothing away from this delightful depiction. And while the round white plates with a center hole may be perfect for Ron’s bulging eyes, Harry’s giant terror-filled eyes are pure genius.

Hold on Harry!