Albus Dumbledore and the Office of Secrets

After years of rereading, rewatching, and relistening to the series, Dumbledore’s Office evokes a certain brand of nostalgia for me. It’s an emotion somewhere between being in the Principle’s office and sitting down for tea with my quirky grandmother. Seeing it built with such detail at this scale makes me think of how I felt at twelve years old when the Chamber of Secrets was released, and I watched Harry enter the office for the first time. Even as an adult, rewatching the series on repeat with my brother during quarantine, the stories told and secrets shared in this office are plastered on the walls of my mind. Builder Stefan Johansson uses some magical techniques to create this massive model of Dumbledore’s office.

Before we dive into the details of the interior, I want to point out how much effort Stefan put into this model’s structure. The cylindrically built towers flow together well thanks to the use of interlaced tiles. This masonry effect works really well at this scale, and the windows are a perfect compliment.

The asymmetrical wooden beams are a fantastic inclusion, though they might be an actual structural element as well. The spider and mouse climbing around in the rafters are cute and fun details that remind me of the cookie hidden under Bro Thor’s couch.

Okay, back to the office. This elevated view gives you a slightly better look at the cabinets along the base of the walls. The Sword of Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat are immediately visible, as are the portraits lining the walls. The mix of printed photographs and Minifigure bodies popping out of brick-built frames works perfectly to evoke the idea of magically moving pictures. Small banners for each house line the top of the frame while the pillars below reveal the desk and staircase beyond.

One final image focuses on Dumbledore at his desk with Fawkes at his side. Bookcases are just visible along the side of the room. It’s an ambitious build, but Stefan did wonderfully with it.

Overall, I believe Stefan Johansson should receive special awards for services to the school. His dedication and playfulness really shine in this large model.