Wicked Wizard Anglia

Why a Wizard needed a car, let alone one that could fly and go invisible, is beyond me. Molly Weasley was surely perplexed when her husband revealed the blue Ford Anglia to her. Though this LEGO model by Builder Greg K doesn’t disappear at the push of a button, it does have plenty of room for two second-year rascals and their luggage in its floating chassis. Built at the scale of the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen bus, this model features smooth detailing and brick-built ornaments. Since the car floats above the stand thanks to some clear brick supports, there’s room for some scale-accurate trunks and two cages for a rat and an owl.

HP Ford Anglia

I appreciate that the builder made the doors, boot, and hood functional, even going as far as to create a detailed engine block for this iconic family car.

Of course, the front is the most recognizable portion of this vehicle in some respects. The movies did well to make the car’s more animated moments especially expressive, and it’s no wonder it was possible, given the Anglia’s blatantly face-like structure.

HP Ford Anglia

There’s no telling how LEGO will react as we move into more anniversaries for the Harry Potter movies and their LEGO counterparts. Perhaps they’ll wait until another milestone moment to celebrate as much as they did recently for the 20th anniversary of the theme, but they could also move on to highlight more moments from the films to ride the wave. Whatever they do, builder Greg K’s awesome Ford Anglia would certainly look fantastic with the Hogwarts Icons set. Maybe a scale-accurate Womping Willow would set it off completely.