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One car, two car, red car, blue car!

Had 1saac W. presented us with one LEGO 1953 Hudson Hornet we’d be impressed enough, by golly! Because with copious chrome and classic curves like that, what’s not to love, really? But then he went on to show us, courtesy of digital editing, what the same car could look like in blue and now we’re all tickled pink. Or purple, rather. Because red and blue make purple, not pink. That’s just straight-up art school science 101. Plus it allowed me to think up a Dr. Suess-inspired title for this article and that’s a win/win for everybody. Speaking of win/win, hit the link to check out the other times we were totally tickled pink, or whatever color, by 1saac’s stuff.

1953 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe


License and registration, please

Have you ever considered the possibility of actually being thrilled to see a cop’s flickering lights in your rearview mirror? I know, it seems like a stretch of a premise, but hear me out. The lights come on, you break out in a cold sweat and in a hurried panic keister the banana you were going to eat for lunch later. Then once he pulls you over and taps on the glass it’s all-yes, officer, no officer, anything you say, officer. It’s only after the ordeal is over that you realize it’s not illegal to transport a banana after all and you feel like a damned buffoon. We’ve all been there, right? No? OK, forget I mentioned it. Here’s an awesome LEGO classic wagon built by Versteinert that, if seen in the rearview mirror, probably would make the experience of being pulled over just slightly more palatable.

Classic Police Car

Versteinert knows a thing or two about classic cars. He designed the new LEGO Ideas gift with purchase set, after all.

An oldie but a goodie

Classic car season has just passed, and most owners of these oldies have presumably tucked them away safely into garages until summer rolls around again. Lucky for us every season is LEGO season and we can always check out some brick-built classic beauties like this 1940 Ford Coupe built by Isaac.

1940 Ford Coupe

Isaac renders the sleek body of the Coupe using some bricks and a lot of slopes and tiling – all in black. The grill vent panels in the front of the vehicle are astutely comprised of technic gears and the windshield is minimally rendered with black antenna levers going up into the roof of the car. Isaac also cleverly uses grey minifigure hands to style the back bumper of the vehicle. Overall I would say this model is a pretty accurate recreation of the old school automobile, and it certainly gives us something to look at while indoor season in many places around the world begins.