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Lime Drop

LEGO car builder Tony Bovkoon has done something you don’t see much of. You take a Volkswagen lime and white T1 campervan, drop the stance, move the rear engine to about mid-chassis and give the whole shebang a dropside bed. Fenders bring some of that lime color to the rear of the build and a keg-style fuel tank in the bed finishes out the look. This is the kind of thing that only makes sense in dreams. My dreams anyway, and probably a few of Tony’s. If you’re interested in having the kind of dreams Tony and I have, here’s a thematic tie-in that might get you started.

Volkswagen T1

The doors open, it has a fully detailed interior and all the niceties you can expect from a LEGO vehicle of this scale. This photo best illustrates the engine, truck axle, and ground scraping stance.

Volkswagen T1

When you’ve got a ’69 Charger, a mullet and a GED the world is your oyster!

Sometimes you just want to shirk all responsibilities, grow a mullet and get a ’69 Dodge Charger R/T. I mean, come on, look at it! It’s beautiful! Clearly, Tony Bovkoon knows what I’m talking about. The Statue of Liberty only further illustrates that this car is classic American muscle. That’s freedom right there! In this car, shirts don’t need sleeves, jeans are acid-washed and the radio dial never veers away from anything that doesn’t play Freebird or Born to be Wild on a continuous loop. When you’ve got a ’69 Charger, a mullet and a GED the world opens up to a myriad of possibilities. Some of them involve getting burgers, drag racing, raisin’ hell, and maybe smoking a doobie or two.

Dodge charger 1969 R/T

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