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“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.”

George Panteleon (ZetoVince) invokes the spirit of Ferdinand Porsche for his recently revised Porsche 930. Being a community-minded guy, George has also thoughtfully posted instructions so that you…yes you…can make one for yourself. Stop dreamin’ and start drivin’, constant viewer.

Get them now though, because you never know when MOCpages will have another blackout.

Porsche 930 Revised

Maybe it’s the moonlight, or the champagne talking, but I think we can squeeze in one more for the motorheads out there.

Shelby Cobra


Ok, so maybe this creation has nothing to do with the villains from GI Joe, but I still want to shout “Cobra!” when I see it.

This fantastic rendition of an automotive classic was posted on Flickr by _lichtblau_. He’s really captured the look of the racing icon. In fact, when I saw the thumbnail image on Flickr, I thought this was a die cast model. I never build copies of other people’s models, but I’m seriously tempted to do so with this.

LEGO AC Shelby Cobra

LUGNuts Claim to Fame build challenge round-up

The Flickr LUGNuts Your Claim to Fame building challenge wraps up in two days, so this seems like a good time to highlight some of the great creations the contest has generated so far.

Nathan Proudlove (whose LUGNuts blog is a must-read) goes miniland-scale with his entry, a tribute to Scooby Doo and the whole Scooby crew:

Lino Martins gives classic Batman the miniland treatment too:

Ralph Savelsberg‘s Shelby Cobra 427:

Matt Armstrong‘s quartet of micro entries:

Check out all the great entries so far in the discussion thread on Flickr.