This car was meant to be built

There are not that many iconic cars that look great in LEGO bright light yellow color. Obviously, Fiat 500 is one of them, but can you think of another? Firas Abu-Jaber knows one, and it’s the legendary Shelby Cobra. And guess what? This one in the picture below is built with just pieces available in the Creator Expert Fiat 500 set!

AC Shelby Cobra

This is definitely one of the sweetest alternative builds I’ve ever seen. Not only does the shape looks great and recognizable, but it also looks like Firas didn’t have to compromise when working on the exterior. Sure, a couple of points would look better with a different choice of pieces, but the proportions are spot-on.

AC Shelby Cobra

3 comments on “This car was meant to be built

  1. Keith Koene

    I’ve bought instructions from Firas before and his builds are so much fun to do! I bought the Corvette he has on his site and I built 2 color variations of it!

  2. Meilleur McCheese

    @Keith Koene I found him on Rebrickable and you’re right, those do look like fun builds! I have the Ford Mustang set already so I should try out some of those alt builds…

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