Sailing the seven highways with Top Gear

For a show that was ostensibly about cars, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how much fooling around featured on British TV show Top Gear. Some of their challenges stick in the mind more than others, though, and LEGO builder Nard Verbong has re-visited possibly one of the most iconic in brick form. In 2006, Clarkson, Hammond and May were tasked with turning everyday cars into sea-worthy vessels. Predictably, the results were equal parts wacky, funny, ambitious and, frankly, pretty rubbish. But the designs were all very different, and the most successful (or least unsuccessful) was James May’s Triump Herald. The car model on its own here is superb, but the sailing accessories really make it.

Next up, we have Richard Hammond’s so-called Dampervan. This was modelled after a narrowboat – a type of boat that was, and still is, very common on Britain’s canal network.

These boats are often used for living in, so naturally, Hammond’s van has a fully decked out interior! The Speed Champions’ 8-wide standard is used here to give more room on the inside. It’s a great choice which allows the builder to add even more detail.

And last but not least, is Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Toyboata’. Famously, Top Gear tried – and failed – to destroy a Toyota Hilux by all means necessary, so it was a natural choice to brave the rugged waters! Until, er, it capsized. In fact, not one boat managed to complete the challenge without sinking. As I said: ambitious – but rubbish. And on that bombshell…

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