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Visions of a dystopian flat-pack future

If the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking of dystopian futures is flat-pack furniture, well, you must be Cecilie Fritzvold. She decided to bring a touch of Scandinavian flair to the colossal cyberpunk city of New Hashima. You’d be forgiven for thinkin that Swedish minimalism and might not mesh that well with the often gritty cyberpunk aesthetic, but the concept works remarkably well. Little touches like the Japanese signage and neon decor make it look right at home.

Ikea at New Hashima

The tree of knowledge

LEGO builder Ted Andes brings us a more upbeat take on the dystopian cyberpunk future with a gorgeous sculpture he calls the Shrine of the Cyber Tree. The tree is made of stacked Vahki head elements from Bionicle, and their angular lines and matte finish creates a striking use for that rarely used piece. The sculpture is surrounded by a simple but elegant stone garden wall, which has great details like one broken egg post cap. 

Shrine of the Cyber Tree

Do you feel the need for teal?

Every now and then, a LEGO cyberpunk build will pop up that is invariably linked to the New Hashima Brickworld collaboration. And judging by how often they pop up, it’s going to be a massive collaboration. There’s no danger of it lacking colour though – not when Simon Liu is armed with his collection of teal bricks! It’s a neat futuristic take on the humble construction crane, even if it is built with tongue placed slightly in cheek. This is a build for something called MARCHtember. Simon’s description has the low-down on the ‘rules’, but I’m particularly drawn in by this one: “it needs to have teal as a significant colour in the build“. Now that’s a LEGO month I can get behind.

CP Crane

Something cyberpunk this way comes

Collaborative displays allow builders to create something bigger and more spectacular than one person might achieve on their own. All it takes is a standard that others can build on independently and come together at a LEGO convention to watch the magic happen. The wonderfully detailed cyberpunk module by Ted Andes is going to be part of a collaborative display in Chicago next year. The speeder bike charging station features some sweet rides built using motorcycle chassis, along with an upstairs noodle shop. Colored wedge plates create angled parking spots, with one of the charging stations on the fritz, which is a nice touch. The noodle sign made with Technic plates and stacks of 1×2 rounded plates is positively delicious.

Octan Charging Station / Konbini / Roof Top Noodle Shop

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Ted has another cube for the lower levels of the collaborative city display for folks with a bit more to spend on their transportation. The Tachikoma garage for upgrading your AI-powered four-legged companion looks right out of Ghost in the Shell. The garage includes a smaller speeder bike repair shop around the back.

Tachikoma Garage / Speeder Bike Repair Platform