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Present your oblation at this jungle altar

As I’m sure you’ve read in other posts on here recently, we are smack-dab in the middle of another round of Iron Builder. Here is one more entry featuring the red canopy seed part from LEGO builder Jake Hansen. What really stands out to me in this build, besides its Crash Bandicoot-inspired color scheme, is all Jake’s interesting parts usage. The use of upside-down green baseball caps for leaves is genius, as is sticking those 1×1 curves onto the ends of roller skates at the base of the altar. I’m an absolute sucker for a design that connects parts in atypical ways. I also love the texture change in the base of the model, from the rolling curves of the jungle vegetation to the blocky stone of the path leading up to the altar. And as for that tree in the background, I’m definitely not not stealing the tube-filled trunk design for my own builds. The Iron Builder gods will be pleased!

Jungle Altar

Get away from it all at the Arrow Peak Shrine

Everyone needs an escape at some point. For Marius Herrmann it’s the game “Ghost of Tsushima”. Inspired by the beautiful world of Tsushima, Marius created the Arrow Peak Shrine in LEGO. There is a lot to love about this build. Making this creation took its fair share of time due to there being so many rocks that had to be built. There are a lot of fun little details hidden in this creation. Let’s look at a couple of them. The Wizarding World wand is one of the parts that LEGO fans have been getting very creative with. The same goes for Marius. In this creation, the wand is used as a fence in the temple. The pathway towards the temple has to be created with a LEGO net, I do not know how you would otherwise manage to create such an organic-shaped pathway. The shrine next to the pathway uses a minifigure shortbeard and there is a gingerbread skirt hidden in the torii gate. The tree in this build really is something else. It features almost everything except the kitchen sink. There is a Gallimimus body hidden in the trunk and one or two big giants lost their muscles. Quite worth it if you ask me.

Arrow Peak Shrine (from "Ghost of Tsushima")

Quiet solitude

Sometimes it’s all about getting the right camera angle… And maybe some fantastic vaulted ceilings. This monochrome shrine, built by David Hensel, is an exceptional marriage of LEGO architecture and photography. The lighting gives the whole scene a sense of somber and noble peacefulness. And the way that the pieces mesh together provides an element of age. It’s bold yet austere. If you have never tried to build curves like this, take a crack at it. This style requires a patient hand!

Shrine of Sir Simonochrometrical

David recently made another completely different monochrome build. This time photography comes into play in a different way. Also take a look at some of these other awesome monochrome creations in our archives.