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Guardian of the natural order

When I take in this LEGO God of Nature by builder Konstantin T, the first thing that comes to my mind is balance. I don’t necessarily get the vibe of a god solely focused on flora and fauna, but rather a deity representing the balance of the cosmos, of the “nature” of all things. And while this includes plants, animals, the elements, and even the visiting pilgrim, the angular, metallic nature of the altar leads me to thoughts of how those “organic” entities live in harmony with the natural world.

The God of Nature

There is some truly breathtaking Bionicle craftsmanship in this design! The ability to use such large, single-purpose parts for tree trunks, stairs, and wisps of energy emanating from the god is outright stellar. But the peak of this build has got to lie in the design of the wandering pilgrim. Here’s a better view of our world-weary traveler below.

The Traveler