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The pagoda and the dragon tree

Sometimes little details get lost on big LEGO models. This is not the case for Marius Herrmann’s latest LEGO creation. This one is big! At least 50 bricks high not counting the antenna. We are looking at a model loosely inspired by ‘The Legend of Anchin and Kiyohime’. I am not at all familiar with the story so I’ll just take Marius’ word that it is about unrequited love. After being rejected one of the characters transforms into a dragon to trap the other in a temple. This is beautifully translated to this build where we can see a tree with lavender foliage violently wrap itself around a Pagoda. I love how subtle yet evident the dragon shape is hidden in the tree. If you focus on the temple you’ll lose the dragon. But if you focus on the tree the dragon is most definitely there.

Kiyohime (清姫)

Dragon pagoda but subterranean and also in a cave

Ever since the pandemic I haven’t been on a holiday. So my expectations when it comes to holiday destinations have become very high. I almost expect them to look as magical as this LEGO subterranean Dragon pagoda in a cave by Jaap Bijl. I have to be honest, English being my second language, I had to look the word subterranean up. And it turns out to mean ‘done under the earth’s surface’ or ‘secret/concealed’. And now I am not a bit closer to understanding whether this Dragon pagoda is either under the earth’s surface or very well concealed. So I decided that this Dragon pagoda is secretly hidden underneath the earth’s surface.

The dragon cave

What strikes me about this creation is the use of colour. The cave is dark grey, the base of the temple is grey, the water is sand green and the soil in the cave is sand blue. All muted colours go great with the lavender foliage and the details on the pagoda. They almost make the lavender look a bit greyish. And then bam in the centre of it all there is this light blue pagoda roof which really pops. The pillars supporting the bright blue roof are adorned at the top and the bottom with stone carved dragon heads. You really have to zoom in on the temple to spot them but they are done exceptionally well.

At the top of the mountain

LEGO builder Jake Hansen brings us a beautiful mountaintop pagoda. His color palette is unique and fits together effortlessly. The use of the candle element in bright green as bamboo stalks works well, and the lavender foliage on the tree contrasts nicely with the teal roof on the pagoda. The simplicity of the large slopes and curves in light bluish grey to create the boulders is a refreshingly clean take on rock work. There are plenty of interesting building techniques used in the pagoda itself as well, including the brick-built door and the curved roofline.

The Peaceful Pagoda

A monastery hidden in the clouds, refuge or hideout, you decide.

When you finally reach the top of this treacherous climb into the clouds, you will either find a warm welcome and soft bed to rest in or a den of vicious thieves and cut-throats. Either way, this stunning scene by Luka set high among the clouds is a sight worth the risk. There are so many great details, I’m not sure where to start. So, let’s start at the bottom. The base of cloudy parts with unconnected rocky peaks sets the stage for this scene, and the rocks are a magical mix of smooth slopes, curved slopes, and rock parts in shades of gray, woven together by roots and vines. The two gates are made from stacks of short legs, and there are a bunch of hammers used for the top roof of the pagoda.

Golden Clifftop Pagoda

A peaceful pagoda in troubled times

I think we could all use a little more zen in our lives right now, and this peaceful pagoda by Ayrlego is the perfect blend of simple, yet elegant architecture and a serene landscape. From the sturdy brick foundation to the gently sloping roofs, this harmonious pagoda is sending out some positive vibes.

Lotii Pagoda