Maintenance mech may move minifig materials

It’s a delight to be in a position where we can watch certain builds (and builders) evolve over time and improve on past designs. Today’s example is from Devid VII who has tinkered with his LEGO Ideas Exo Suit-inspired mini mech.

Mini Exo Suit II

This “maintenance mode” rendition follows Mini Exo-Suit 1 which Devid unveiled back in January. You can compare the variants by checking out our previous coverage of Mini Exo Suit 1, but I also want to zoom in on a couple of points specifically to show how the model has been refined and upgraded over the earlier model. Many studs have been covered up generally across the model, but the chest has seen the most refinement. Take a look at versions 1 and 2 here:

You could say it’s splitting hairs, but I appreciate that even a piece or two can make a difference in the final appearance of a model.

1 comment on “Maintenance mech may move minifig materials

  1. Purple Dave

    It looks like the previous attempt is on the left in the main image. I’d be hard-pressed to say that these were both designed by a single person based on a single model, though, given how different they are. I actually entertained the thought of building the Exo-Suit smaller and more durable so it would be easy to put in MichLUG layouts, but never really got anywhere with it. Too much other stuff drawing my attention, and not enough experience with building mechs, I suppose.

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