Who says entomology is all about creepy-crawlies?

Here’s a theory: animals and sci-fi make for a perfect mix. Don’t believe me? Check out this trio of LEGO vehicles courtesy of Devid VII! They are all named after animals, all feature relatively limited colour palettes, and all look¬†amazing.¬†First up is the Froggy, whose ball-jointed feet remind of the Tachikoma that have inspired so many brilliant LEGO creations:


Next up is the Mud Wasp, which is named after a wasp that makes its nests out of – you guessed it – mud. The Wikipedia entry for this wasp says that “stings are uncommon”, but I’ve come across enough wasps to find that hard to believe! This one certainly looks like it could give you a nasty sting with that long tail. The dark tan Exo-Force panels on the wings add a nice pop of colour to the body:

Mud Wasp

Last but by no means least, we have the Dragonfly. Sand blue is not the easiest colour to work with given its relatively limited use in LEGO sets, but Devid has made smart use of what parts there are, in particular some Hero Factory armour pieces as shrouds for the side-mounted armaments. The spindly rear legs also help to give a dynamic pose even when it’s landed:


Most impressive of all, these models all look totally unique, yet the common design features (black and yellow highlights, muted main colours, the roll-cage around the cockpit) make it feel like these beasties could co-exist in the same universe. Hats off to you, Devid!