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It was a brick like any other...

Theres something about Film Noir that captures the heart of any cinephile and Casey McCoy brings us a Film Noir inspired scene in his latest LEGO build. I love the composition of this scene, effortlessly capturing the 30’s/40’s era. The attention to detail as you explore the construction is a real treat, from the window and blind build and on to the Art Deco radio, carpet (which is a master build in itself!) and Dado rail, which itself hidden behind set dressing that looks like its always been a part of the Private Eyes office.

Noir: A Grade-A Gray Day - 1

What’s of particular interest in this is that Casey hasn’t snapped his latest creation in black and white but instead taken full advantage of a limited greyscale colour palette to present this tale of a dame, a seedy detective and a brick. Now excuse me whilst I dip my fedora and fold up the collar of my raincoat…

Minifigure murder mystery in a magnificient mansion

The two things that stood out first in this build by XBrickmonster were the imperfect walls and the intricate windows made of LEGO elements ranging from claws and minfigure hands to tails and even Technic pins. That aside, the scene itself is a grand mystery waiting to be solved by our two detectives. While I leave the hard part to the experienced folks, I’m still trying to solve how that yellow frog got up there on the beams of the roof.

Murder in the Study