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A house with lines that trick the eyes

I may have gone cross-eyed trying to follow the lines on this house built by Pan Noda. With its atypical architecture, I’m picking up some serious Burrow vibes from the Harry Potter franchise. The color choices here are perfect, featuring white with brown trim. But it’s those subtle patches of tan, and the occasional chip or crack in the walls that give the structure a weathered look without taking anything away from its crisscrossing vectors. And I adore the unusual choice of pine tree design in the house’s front yard. The straight lines of needles on each bough take me deeper into the Google DeepDream that is this construction. And overall, it’s oddly satisfying!

House of Distortion

Making the impossible possible

A couple of years ago, I (Brothers Brick contributor Chris Doyle ) gifted the important people in my life with Impossible Bottles – sealed decks of playing cards somehow placed inside unaltered glass bottles. Recently, prompted by a WisLUG building challenge, I decided to create my own version. It’s not quite the same scale of impressive – LEGO bricks are a lot easier to cram down the neck of a bottle, after all. But it was still a fun exercise into just what is possible if you put your mind to it.

Deck in a bottle

And, of course, there’s a tiny little mosaic on the front of my deck of cards. Because sometimes you have to stay on-brand.

A bit of LEGO abrakadabra [Video]

Ever wondered how some of the classic magic tricks are done? Teun de Wijs might have some answers for you! This LEGO version of the “floating woman” illusion is a little technical marvel, and when seen from multiple angles, gives an idea of how such a trick might be done.

See this magician in action!

Not everything in black and white makes sense

Pacman gobbling the power dots — check it out! Fresh from wowing us with a massive Medieval Village display, French builder ilive now knocks it out of the park with a wonderful LEGO optical illusion. Yep, there are no curves in this build, nor fancy photoshopping — it’s just your own eyes and brain messing with you.


If you like a good optical illusion, check out this brick-built rendition of the classic Escher terrace illusion we covered a while back. Personally I’m a huge fan of this kind of thing and wish we saw more of it in LEGO creations. I built one of my own a long, long time ago — the Castle of Illusion.