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A gothic murder mystery awaits inside this glorious manor

As part of a challenge to create a hypothetical new LEGO theme, Geneva Durand opted to make something of a game out of it. The Detection theme’s flagship set is the Greenwold House, an 871-piece home full of classic crime novel fun. The front of the home offers tons of gorgeous detail – thanks in large part to an ample use of microphones and roller skates – while still keeping things at a scale suitable for a set on the shelves at Target.


The reverse side features six rooms, filled with clues for the Doctor and Detective (and the builder) to examine in hopes of separating fact from fiction and solving the crime. It’s a LEGO build experience and a murder mystery puzzle all rolled into one. Where I can preorder?

“Don’t ever ask me about my LEGO, Kay”

Some things are just better left unanswered. A LEGO builder who goes by the dubious name of KitKat1414 presents this intriguing piece called “Don’t ever ask me about my LEGO, Kay”. So we posted it without asking. I mean we’d ask first but the title pretty much advises against it. But we still have questions. Like what the heck is going on here? Are they roughening somebody up? And who is Kay? All these questions and the unique “mailslot” composition has me thoroughly intrigued. It’s like reading a good mystery. So as per the title, we won’t ask anything but we’ll surely keep an eye out for what this builder might do next.

"Don't ever ask me about my Lego, Kay"

Minifigure murder mystery in a magnificient mansion

The two things that stood out first in this build by XBrickmonster were the imperfect walls and the intricate windows made of LEGO elements ranging from claws and minfigure hands to tails and even Technic pins. That aside, the scene itself is a grand mystery waiting to be solved by our two detectives. While I leave the hard part to the experienced folks, I’m still trying to solve how that yellow frog got up there on the beams of the roof.

Murder in the Study