“Don’t ever ask me about my LEGO, Kay”

Some things are just better left unanswered. A LEGO builder who goes by the dubious name of KitKat1414 presents this intriguing piece called “Don’t ever ask me about my LEGO, Kay”. So we posted it without asking. I mean we’d ask first but the title pretty much advises against it. But we still have questions. Like what the heck is going on here? Are they roughening somebody up? And who is Kay? All these questions and the unique “mailslot” composition has me thoroughly intrigued. It’s like reading a good mystery. So as per the title, we won’t ask anything but we’ll surely keep an eye out for what this builder might do next.

"Don't ever ask me about my Lego, Kay"

7 comments on ““Don’t ever ask me about my LEGO, Kay”

  1. KitKat1414

    As the creator of this, I recreated the ending scene of the Godfather part 1 (its an out-dated gangster film), and then played a pun on one of the last lines in it. Sorry for the mix-up, though I do like your interpretation!

  2. David Marshall

    As others have pointed out already, it’s the final scene in The Godfather, with Kay seeing Michael through the door as he ceremonially takes his place as the Don, cheekily titled with a variation of the Michael’s line from a couple minutes before that shot. That someone can miss this obvious reference to one of the great works of American cinema is truly depressing.

  3. bricktales

    Was just coming here to say the same. Arguably one of the two best final scenes of any movie. The other one I would say would be the last few moments of Casablanca. But of course both of those would be near the top of any “greatest movie of all time” list.

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