A bit of LEGO abrakadabra [Video]

Ever wondered how some of the classic magic tricks are done? Teun de Wijs might have some answers for you! This LEGO version of the “floating woman” illusion is a little technical marvel, and when seen from multiple angles, gives an idea of how such a trick might be done.

You can see Teun’s kinetic sculpture in action in this video.

This isn’t the first excellent kinetic sculpture by Teun! He has several pretty impressive automaton, including a snake charmer and this wizard and magic box illusion. I think my favorite part of all of these is that they have multiple doors that look in on the mechanisms.

3 comments on “A bit of LEGO abrakadabra [Video]

  1. Purple Dave

    There might be different ways to do this same trick. The way I know of involves a forklift and a solid hoop with a diameter that’s more than half the height of the person being levitated. The rest is all sleight of hand.

  2. Bre Burns Post author

    @Teun de Wijs Glad you liked it! Keep up the good work yourself! You are a great builder and we can’t wait to see what you do next! Cheers!

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