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Build your own bento

In Japanese cuisine, bento is a meal in box for take-out or eating at home. Leonid An has built a delicious looking LEGO bento, which includes sushi rolls, nigiri, vegetables, wasabi, and a hearty serving of white rice. Each dish is able to stand on its own, thanks in part to a diverse range of colors and building techniques. The pieces of nigiri use a mix of curved slopes and constraction figure elements to form slices of raw fish. Black tires and white tires are cleverly used to represent the seaweed and rice in the sushi rolls, and lime green Bionicle Krana Za masks are used to form the side of wasabi. Meanwhile, a pair of chopsticks at the base of the box signals it’s time to eat. Itadakimasu!


Japanese sushi that looks great and tastes blockish

Fresh from winning the ABS challenge in spectacular fashion, Didier Burtin has created a delicious Ikura maki roll. At sushi restaurants ikura (salmon roe) is always served gunkan-style (battleship.) Besides the rice and the nori (edible seaweed), there are no other embellishments and it is not served with any sauce, although you may brush a little soy sauce (shoyu) on top of the eggs with a small slice of gari (sweet pickled ginger) and the all-important wasabi.

Ikura maki roll

KuroMaguro (Bluefin tuna) and Sushi.

Moko takes a break from magnificent mecha and the result is making me extremely hungry. If you want me, you can find me at Inaka Sushi on Eastern Ave. in Vegas, the sake is on me.

KuroMaguro(Bluefin tuna) and Sushi.

Monolithic Builds: Giant Sushi and a Robot Uprising

This latest Iron Builder contest has provided an incredible slew of fascinating models from the uuber talented contestants. Sean and Steph Mayo pull out all the stops with this monstrous sushi roll fit for a giant.

Lego Sushi: Giant Centipede Roll

And Bart De Dobbelaer fires back with this super cool Monolith. I don’t even pretend to know what’s going on here, but I’m imagining some sort of robot sentience emergence, ala 2001.

the Monolith

Nelson Yrizarry loves sushi

I know this because I’ve chatted with Nelson about sushi over instant messaging several times. And also because he’s posted this wonderful platter of LEGO sushi:

Sushi + Wasabi = Delicious!

Did you know that the wasabi you usually eat with your sushi probably isn’t actually wasabi? It’s a combination of horseradish, mustard, and green food coloring. Real wasabi comes from a root — like the green one in this very delicious-looking platter of sushi by Turbo.


From 9-year-old “nonn35817,” we have some tasty, tasty sushi:

That’s tuna (maguro), shrimp (ebi), and cucumber rolls (kappa maki).

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