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LEGO Creation of the Week (#36): “FARM” by André Pinto

Every week readers of the The Brothers Brick Telegram channel choose the Creation of the Week: one project that impressed all of us the most. Last week it all came down to a Pokemon versus a farm diorama… and the results are shocking! André Pinto grabs the award with his neat and detailed rural build. What a round!

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Because the suburbs aren’t rural enough

Because the suburbs weren’t rural enough, I just moved to the exurbs. Out here everything runs on propane, there’s a septic system and just taking out the trash involves a vehicle that apparently isn’t my hipster Beetle. With greenhouses, windmills, sheds, and tractors much of it looks just like this LEGO diorama built by André Pinto. All my new neighbors own tractors and they tell me that I won’t survive a winter without one. While I mull over that ominous portent, I gaze over André’s diorama with its pumpkins, tomatoes, birdhouses, chickens and especially that tractor. I even checked out the tractor catalog and thought; holy schniekes, these things are expensive! Maybe I’ll just settle for buying a trucker hat; I mean, I’ve gone my whole life without tractoring so why should that change now? Maybe I can be like André and just build them in LEGO. That sounds like a plan!


This LEGO parade really floats our boat!

Big Easy Bricks has crafted a pair of wonderful parade floats that make me yearn for a big old LEGO-themed parade. Both feature some classic LEGO themes and some great microscale building! First up is a fan favourite – Classic Space. The float features two iconic space sets in the form of the Galaxy Explorer and Monorail Transport System. The trailer itself also has a rocket blasting away from the Earth and Moon, made up of a mere nine pieces!

Float 01 - Classic Space

Float number two is a bit more rootin’-tootin’, as it depicts the perhaps niche (although no less legendary) Fort Legoredo from the 90s Western theme. This time we have some miniature soldiers and cavalry to man the fort, which is a superb imitation of the original set. Take note of the miniature cannons as well! Once again the trailer captures the Western aesthetic with some stars and horns. It’s a simple touch, but a really wonderful way to tie it together.

Float 02 - Fort Legoredo

I hope Big Easy Bricks have got some more floats lined up. There’s plenty of classic themes, and they would look great on parade together!

A tractor with the wow factor!

Through a combination of LEGO slopes, curves, and wedge plates, Joey Klusnick provides a stunning piece of farm machinery. In brilliant John Deere green, this tractor is full of tiny details that make it exceptional. The intricate side-view mirrors, the stripe of yellow along its nose, and the mudguard on the back tires are made of jumper plates all are perfect touches bringing this build to life. Now, all it needs is a brick-built field to plow, or a trailer full of LEGO hay to haul around.

John Deere 9 Series Tractor

Swords to plowshares

Spring has sprung, and farmers all across the northern hemisphere are headed back into the fields to prepare for harvest season. For example, Stefan Johansson has depicted a LEGO Ukrainian couple getting ready to test out their newly-acquired 40-ton harrow. But all joking aside, this creation speaks volumes on a universal truth: war doesn’t spare anyone. Whether it’s a soldier on the front lines or a farmer just trying to bring in their crop, the brutal attack on Ukraine has hit everyone in some way. And in times like these, when grandmas are taking out Russian drones with jars of pickled tomatoes, I’m reminded of a line from the video game Portal 2: “…when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back!”

Spring harvest in Ukraine

But I’m sure you didn’t come here for Cave Johnson quotes, so we should probably talk about the build. The color and style of the ground is exquisite, reminding me of walks through mint fields in northern Indiana. The sunflowers are simple, but extremely effective! I love the angles and texturing on the tank, but I think the tractor is the real star of the show here. You can see from the picture below, this machine has the look of a real LEGO set coming out of Billund. I can’t imagine it being built any better!

Massey Ferguson Tractor

A mini Hitachi wheel loader

There are a handful of builders out there that are experts at recreating vehicles in LEGO form. We’re talking highly detailed, true-to-life replicas. One of those experts is Damian Z. and his most recent build is this Hitachi ZW180PL. I have to be honest, I recognize Hitachi, but that nomenclature doesn’t ring a single bell. But what I do know is that I’m positive I’ve seen this exact piece of machinery before. And when you look at the real thing, this little guy is spot on.


Who knew you could pack so much detail into such a small frame? But just wait until you see some other angles. Replica or not, this wheel loader is expertly crafted.

Click to see the other angles