This giant LEGO version of the Starcraft II map Megaton pits all 3 factions against each other

The classic real-time strategy game Starcraft II has inspired many LEGO creations over the years, but one of the most impressive has to be this stunning version of the multiplayer map Megaton. Built by David Frank, the map features the home bases for all three factions and measures over 16 square feet. Additionally, David has wired it with lights, giving features like the Khaydarin crystals a realistic glow.

Each of the three factions’ bases is populated with unique buildings and units. Here, Terran auto-turrets protect the base from the Zerg onslaught.

A massive Nexus stands at the heart of the Protoss base, surrounded by crystals. David uses a plethora of gold LEGO elements along with dark green and trans-blue for the Protoss’ unique color scheme.

Out in the middle, the three factions clash for dominance, though it looks like the Terrans have the upper hand at the moment. Check out the lighting that gives a perfect green glow to the refinery silos.