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Lego Starcraft 2 Marine

By now it’s clear that the Terran units from Starcraft 2 are easiest to make out of LEGO. Sven Junga adds the marine to list of the community’s brick-built Terran units including the Battlecruiser, Thor, Viking, Banshee, Medivac, Siege Tank and more.

It’s a good thing I can counter marines with my banelings!

Motorized Siege Tank from Starcraft 2 goes into siege mode

Mark (petzoldhaus) from Youtube built a motorized Siege Tank from Starcraft 2. Not only does it run by remote control, it also converts into siege mode for punishing your opponent’s clumped up ground forces and buildings. You can see the internal workings in this video.

Micro StarCraft multiplayer map celebrates release of StarCraft II

This stop-motion video by Alex Kobbs captures so many classic moments from StarCraft that I don’t know which is my favorite.

My copy of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is in the mail, and Alex’s video just heightens the anticipation.

Starcraft Battlecruiser Titow

Jarek‘s Starcraft Battlecruiser ranks among one of the best I’ve seen. This is his biggest creation to date, taking a month to complete. The model features Jarek’s smooth yet textured building style, rendering the ship true to the original.

Pepa Quin’s StarCraft II Terran Medivac Dropship will cure what ails you

Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) continues his awesome series of StarCraft II LEGO creations with his latest, the Medivac Dropship.

LEGO StarCraft II Medivac Dropship

Dropships are one of my favorite sci-fi vehicles, and Matt’s SC2 version doesn’t disappoint. Note the brick-built red crosses and how Matt has incorporated the new Space Police III spikes. (Via Young Spacers Association Blog.)

And since we missed it last month, here’s Matt’s SCV (which I suspect is good to go):


See all of Matt’s StarCraft II LEGO creations on Flickr.

Pepa Quin’s LEGO Protoss Probe sneaks across your LEGO StarCraft II maps

Our love affair with StarCraft-inspired LEGO continues, as does my enjoyment of the LEGO StarCraft creations by Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin):

LEGO Protoss Probe from StarCraft II

For more pics, check out Matt’s LEGO Protoss Probe photoset on Flickr. Thanks for the tip, Andy!

Protoss Immortal by PepaQuin

The new Protoss Immortal unit from StarCraft II gets the LEGO treatment by Matt de Lanoy:

The Brothers Brick has a long history of appreciation for Blizzard+LEGO, going all the way back to my fifth post (though lately Valve+LEGO is catching up). Here’s hoping the third StarCraft II creation in a month reveals a growing trend.

Adrian’s StarCraft II Baneling scuttles across your screen, and then explodes

Adrian Florea‘s excellent Zerg Baneling from StarCraft II just makes the game’s release date seem that much farther away.

And don’t miss Matt de Lanoy’s Banshee.

LEGO StarCraft II Banshee

Matt de Lanoy (Pepa Quin) is anticipating the release of StarCraft II with his week-long build of the Banshee aircraft. You can check out the official StarCraft II Banshee page to compare resemblances to the game art. Looks great Matt, way to gain the early field advantage!

LEGO StarCraft Terran battlecruiser

Brickshelf user vana treats us to an amazingly designed and photographed UCS scale Terran battlecuiser from the game StarCraft. The traditional greebles on studs technique prevails once again, making the model extra detailed.

StarCraft Factory by keika03

This might be old, given the hit-count in the folder, but keika03‘s Brickshelf gallery includes a pretty cool factory from StarCraft we haven’t featured here previously:

Corviwurm by Jerac

Brickshelfer and Classic-Spacer Jerac posted something so cool I can’t help posting it. (Sorry Linus!)

Jerac calls it a “Corviwurm,” but it looks very much like a Zerg Mutalisk (which he acknowledges in his CSF post):

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