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Pepa Quin’s StarCraft II Terran Medivac Dropship will cure what ails you

Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) continues his awesome series of StarCraft II LEGO creations with his latest, the Medivac Dropship.

LEGO StarCraft II Medivac Dropship

Dropships are one of my favorite sci-fi vehicles, and Matt’s SC2 version doesn’t disappoint. Note the brick-built red crosses and how Matt has incorporated the new Space Police III spikes. (Via Young Spacers Association Blog.)

And since we missed it last month, here’s Matt’s SCV (which I suspect is good to go):


See all of Matt’s StarCraft II LEGO creations on Flickr.

Protoss Immortal by PepaQuin

The new Protoss Immortal unit from StarCraft II gets the LEGO treatment by Matt de Lanoy:

The Brothers Brick has a long history of appreciation for Blizzard+LEGO, going all the way back to my fifth post (though lately Valve+LEGO is catching up). Here’s hoping the third StarCraft II creation in a month reveals a growing trend.

Corviwurm by Jerac

Brickshelfer and Classic-Spacer Jerac posted something so cool I can’t help posting it. (Sorry Linus!)

Jerac calls it a “Corviwurm,” but it looks very much like a Zerg Mutalisk (which he acknowledges in his CSF post):

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SCV good to go, sir!

I always liked clicking my WarCraft and StarCraft units repeatedly to see what they’d say. Some pretty hilarious stuff after about ten clicks (especially Ogres). Anyway, Flickrite jehkay has posted a cool little SCV:

What I like about LEGO creations based on StarCraft is that the low resolution on reference pictures gives the builder a lot of freedom to create unique solutions and interesting details. In jehkay’s SCV, I especially like the new wheel well thingy surrounding the driver.