Micro StarCraft multiplayer map celebrates release of StarCraft II

This stop-motion video by Alex Kobbs captures so many classic moments from StarCraft that I don’t know which is my favorite.

My copy of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is in the mail, and Alex’s video just heightens the anticipation.

9 comments on “Micro StarCraft multiplayer map celebrates release of StarCraft II

  1. Starwars4J

    You know, I never played the original Starcraft, but that film was phenomenal in every way. I can only imagine how much more I would have enjoyed it had I played the originals myself.

  2. ka.lego

    Amazing. Only makes the fact that I have a MacBook that can’t handle StarCraft II that much more painful.

  3. Daedalus

    Goliaths firing missles at ground targets?! >:O

    Seriously though, nitpicking aside that was pretty freaking impressive. Stop motion stuff has got to be mind numbing, so it’s always nice to see someone pull it off well.

  4. Paganomation

    I can appreciate the technical skill and time that went into making this video, but as someone who’s never played the game, this is mind-numbingly boring to watch.

  5. sqiddster

    ^ I have never played the game, but I found this very interesting to watch… But I suppose that could just be that I am an RTS fan. This was great… There must have been a huge amount of work in this, especially the last scene, what with those huge carrier things.

  6. ry

    It’s great because it’s true. Minus the weird gaffe of the Goliaths hitting stuff they shouldn’t, this played out exactly right. Someone, somewhere, is always massing Carriers to come in and wipe you out.

  7. Creative Anarchy

    The detail at miniscale is jarringly spot-on. I was a bit dissappointed that Lego didn’t franchise Starcraft for their next space line. This pretty much makes up for it in my mind.

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