lugpol’s impending LEGO domination

Their 1-step plan is apparently to have their members build mindbogglingly awesome stuff, again and again and again. Really, I want to know how the creations posted online with the little lugpol logo are so consistently great.

crises-crs‘ Zero to Hero – part 1: Winter

LEGO crises_crs knight training

Great by itself, but in parts 2 and 3, he subtly changes the lighting, some building details, and the action to capture the different feel of the seasons and the progress of the hero’s training.

For a very different feel, but equally neat creation, here’s PigletCiamek‘s Arabian Street 2: The Caravanserai.

LEGO PigletCiamek Caravanserai

Any lugpol members out there, please tell us why you are so totally cool. I know it’s nothing sinister, but I would like to know what certain groups do to regularly present such an impressive level of building, LowLUG is another prime example.

5 comments on “lugpol’s impending LEGO domination

  1. dmac

    On behalf of all the LUGPol members – thank you very much for the kind words. Pure pleasure to read such positive responses.

    Bad news for you, though: there is no secret behind our work :) (or at least I can’t see it).

    Thanks again,
    dmac (of the LUGPol’s admins team)

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I love the arabic styled MOCs. It’s allways cool to see how odd angles and curves are interpretted by builders and it really gives folks a chance to flex their odd-colored bricks. I only wish there were more pictures in the flickr. I’d love to see some more of those cool details.

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