5 comments on “2010 LEGO sets now available from LEGO Shop@Home [News]

  1. Catsy

    Wow. I’ve been very meh about all the Atlantis sets I’ve seen so far, but that red sub is just freaking awesome.

  2. Daedalus

    ^ Agreed. It’s pretty great, but the price tag =/= value for me on this one. I found it much more rewarding to buy the $25 sub and outfit it with the red Bionicle bike (8943) I found on the cheap.

    The features look okay, and I love some of the newly color parts though (particularly the green cockpit canopy). Still, not enough to plunk down 60 bucks for something I’d just end up severely retooling anyway. God bless you, Bricklink! :D

  3. chip1225

    Got FOUR sets. Three Atlantis and One Toy Story. I’ve got the giant Squid set! Chip is Out.

  4. Catsy

    Yeah, admittedly I have far too many red parts as it is, although I’m finding it hard to resist those red cement mixer halves. Again, Bricklink. :)

    I can’t tell from any of the pictures I’ve seen: are those propellers bley or silver?

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