Yearly Archives: 2009

Simply an Illusion

Flickr user and Classic-Castle member 2 Much Caffeine has posted another entry for the CCCVIICastle of Illusion.

The set includes a photo detailing how he achieved the optical illusion without using a photo editing program. I am impressed with the amount of thought that went in not only to building this, but photographing and presenting it!

Daedalus landing

I’m still trying to recover from shock knowing that a 15-year-old built this. I thought Sven Junga‘s earlier Juggernaut had set the bar for what TFOLs are capable of, but this diorama from Stargate Atlantis clearly blows me away.

The Daedalus ship itself is already an impressive stand-alone piece. The texture of the hull nicely resembles the thick metal armor on many sci-fi spaceships.

It’s not a real train shed?

I’m not a LEGO train fan, but this creation by Maciej Drwiega makes me want to be one. The features are so realistic, down to the texture on the wall created entirely out of plates instead of bricks! The curved roof made with tiles is nontraditional but looks perfect. I can only guess how it was made.

Even more stunning are the night effect shots, where the realism stands out the most.

Ralph’s General Motors FM-1 Wildcat has scored a kill

Though it’s unlikely to supplant the F4U Corsair as my favorite plane in real life, I love Ralph Savelsberg‘s rendition of the venerable General Motors FM-1 Wildcat (also built by Grumman as the F4F).

LEGO Grumman General Motors FM-1 F4F Wildcat World War II fighter

As much as I appreciate the plane, I also really like Ralph’s presentation, complete with wheel chocks and the textured surface of an aircraft carrier (hmmm, sounds like another potential collaboration with Ed Diment).

Even more impressive at minifig scale, Ralph’s fighter has fully functional folding wings and retractable landing gear:

LEGO Wildcat fighter with folded wings LEGO Wildcat fighter with retracted landing gear