Daedalus landing

I’m still trying to recover from shock knowing that a 15-year-old built this. I thought Sven Junga‘s earlier Juggernaut had set the bar for what TFOLs are capable of, but this diorama from Stargate Atlantis clearly blows me away.

The Daedalus ship itself is already an impressive stand-alone piece. The texture of the hull nicely resembles the thick metal armor on many sci-fi spaceships.

6 comments on “Daedalus landing

  1. Daedalus

    Wow. 15? I can’t imagine having the parts to do this at 15, to say nothing of the creativity.
    Great design, love the old/new grey mixing, and the upside-down elements sprinked around. And as great as the carrier itself is, the futuristic buildings in the background really sell it.
    (Obviously, the name isn’t a bad touch either.)

  2. Shmails

    I agree, the buildings really make this come alive! The water effect is simple but very effective. Incredible work, I am 20 years older, and wouldn’t ever come up with something like this!

  3. gigahound

    I think what impresses me most is that this teen didn’t show off his collection for props, but chose to show us what he can do with that collection instead.

    Good job.

  4. Gus Indo

    Actually, if he’s at all like me, his MOCpage hasn’t been updated in a year or two, so probably 15 is what he was two years ago or so. He’s a fantastic builder nonetheless. I like how greebly the main ship is next to the smooth dock. The water is genius! great build!

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