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It’s nice to be outside

We’ll all anxious to get out and about again, and LEGO builder Andrew (CRCT Productions) has found a safe way to do that. Well, depending on your definition of “safe.” I suppose there’s a certain amount of risk in getting up to the International Space Station. And more risk deciding to go on a spacewalk from there. But you have to admit the risk of catching COVID-19 at that point is pretty low.

The Space Walk

Designed in a scant eight hours, this creation shines with quality greebling. An abundance of grey ski poles, binoculars, and 1×1 round flower plates add texture, complemented by a heavy use of 1×2 cheese tile and curved slope. And it may be an obvious thing, but I also like how the astronauts are posed to be floating rather than attached to the surfaces by their feet. It adds some nice context to the build.

The Space Walk

Okay. So this is obviously a depiction of a spacewalk. But did anyone else also think that this was a photo-realistic LEGO camera? Just for a second? I can’t be the only one…

Microscale LEGO ISS is out of this world

Space program fans now have another amazing LEGO set inspired by real-life NASA missions and international collaboration in the recent International Space Station 21321. But what if your display space is limited? That did not stop lysanderchau for a moment, as you can see by their amazingly detailed microscale model based on the official set. There is even a space shuttle and all of the other extra vehicle modules at an even smaller scale to match.

LEGO mini Space Station

While you’re at it, don’t miss our review of the official set.

Your guide to the 12 new LEGO sets for February 2020, including BrickHeadz, Creator Expert, LEGO Ideas and more [News]

A new month means new LEGO sets are now available, so here is your TBB New LEGO Set Guide for February 2020. There are 12 new items available (much less than the 153 sets from January!) including the Ideas International Space Station, Disney BrickHeadz, general availability for the Creator Expert Manchester United Stadium, and a few more.

Additionally, you can get the Hidden Side 40408 Drag Racer as a free gift with purchase with orders of US $45 | CAN $45 | UK £45 or more through Feb. 9th while supplies last.

See the entire February 2020 wave of new LEGO sets now available

International Space Station voted as winner of LEGO Ideas Extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary Fan Vote [News]

The votes have been tallied, and the winner of the LEGO Ideas Extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary Fan Vote is the International Space Station by XCLD.

International Space Station by XCLD
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