You can choose the next LEGO Ideas set with special 10th anniversary fan vote [News]

LEGO Ideas has brought many fan-made designs to life as official LEGO products over the past ten years, and now there is about to be one more. The LEGO Ideas team has reviewed all the past projects that have ever hit the public vote threshold and selected four to give them a second chance.  After a special 10th anniversary fan vote, the winning design will be released as an official LEGO set in 2020.

Fans have two weeks to vote for one one of the following four previous projects: International Space Station by Christoph Ruge, Stitch by Tyler Clites, Sega Classic Arcade Machines by Garett Yoshimura and Small Yellow by Nathan Sawaya. The blind vote extends through June 4th.

Which project will you be supporting?

8 comments on “You can choose the next LEGO Ideas set with special 10th anniversary fan vote [News]

  1. invisibletimmy

    Yellow, definitely. But I still maintain that Discworld would’ve been awesome.

  2. Håkan

    Personally, I find Stitch and the Sega Arcade Machines the best overall builds, and functional as proper sets.

  3. Sol

    I’m honestly not excited for any of these sets. I guess I’ll go with the arcade machines.

  4. Eugene

    I don’t find any of these sets interesting, which is a bit sad. I am not voting.

  5. Jon

    Same – I can’t vote for any. And I always have an opinion. These are very dull ideas compared to older ideas that were struck down (like the modular building under construction, genius.)

  6. Larry Sanders

    Ugh, that yellow “sculpture” is the worst. That’s the type of *I’m 14 and this is deep* subject matter that your sophomore art teacher tries to persuade you to get out of your system, but because it’s made of Lego it still gets attention.

  7. Exxos

    I think a really good ISS would be nice, but it would have to be so far outside the price/part count/size limits of an ideas set to really make it work that I would call it unviable. So I am much in agreement that none of these are worth voting on. If it was based on which set would sell the best, it would likely be Stitch as that seems like a good market focus.

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