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LEGO Ideas holds fan vote to revive a classic theme for the LEGO 90th Anniversary Set [News]

Next year the LEGO Group will celebrate its 90th anniversary, and to mark the occasion LEGO is planning bring back a classic theme with the help of fans. The company has assembled a list of 30 iconic themes and is holding a fan vote to select the best one. The winning theme will be turned into a single new set that will launch next year as part of the company’s lineup aimed at adult fans.

The voting process will be split into two parts. Starting today, fans can vote for their favorites among all 30 themes, and each fan will get to choose up to three themes to move forward. This first round of voting will be open for one week until Jan. 25. Then LEGO will compile the top three themes and hold a run-off vote starting Feb. 3, where each fan will get to select their single favorite. LEGO won’t announce the final winning theme right away as they intend to keep it secret for a while, presumably until they’re ready to reveal the finalized set based on the theme. The new set will be dubbed LEGO’s 90th Anniversary Set.


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LEGO wants you to choose its next history book about bricks [News]

LEGO Publishing has announced a fan vote that will determine the direction of the next book they will publish. Fans can vote on LEGO Ideas to choose one of three following titles: “The LEGO Brick Museum,” “The Secret Life of Bricks,” and “LEGO History in 100 Bricks.”

The winning book will be written by Daniel Konstanski, editor of the Blocks magazine. Voting ends on Sunday, August 9th at 7 am PT. More information is included in the press release below.

Learn more about the next LEGO book.

The Republic Gunship will be one of the next Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars sets [News]

During the last week of January, LEGO Star Wars fans were busy choosing a model for one of the next Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars sets. Finally, the results of the fan vote are in, and the winner has just been announced on the LEGO Ideas blog. According to the results, the absolute winner is the Republic Gunship. The spaceship got more than 50% of the votes.

We have no idea what exactly the final product will look like. LEGO doesn’t share any details on when the set might be available, promising it will be one of the next Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars sets.

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LEGO wants you to choose one of the next Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series sets [News]

If you have ever dreamed about deciding on the next Ultimate Collector Series LEGO Star Wars set, now it’s your time to act. Starting today, you can cast a vote for one of three iconic Star Wars spaceships. The vote will be open until January 30th, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. CEST (4 a.m. EST), so you don’t have plenty of time to decide. You can only choose one idea, so choose wisely!

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You can choose the next LEGO Ideas set with special 10th anniversary fan vote [News]

LEGO Ideas has brought many fan-made designs to life as official LEGO products over the past ten years, and now there is about to be one more. The LEGO Ideas team has reviewed all the past projects that have ever hit the public vote threshold and selected four to give them a second chance.  After a special 10th anniversary fan vote, the winning design will be released as an official LEGO set in 2020.

Fans have two weeks to vote for one one of the following four previous projects: International Space Station by Christoph Ruge, Stitch by Tyler Clites, Sega Classic Arcade Machines by Garett Yoshimura and Small Yellow by Nathan Sawaya. The blind vote extends through June 4th.

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