43 comments on “LEGO Ideas Classic Theme Fan Vote – TBB Cover

  1. Aleksander

    I’m disapointed people who want’s bionicle. I can’t understand how can vote for bionicle. Only castle or pirates is good way.

  2. BWL

    Who are the idiots saying Star wars? Like that theme has ever gone away, it’s seems to be all Star Wars are times.

  3. Daniel Olmedo

    Lego think about this for a second. Ppl asking for pirates or castle are mostly in the 30-40s range that work and will actually buy the sets. Myself i will buy all the pirate or castle sets if they get re-released. Every single one. From $5 all the way to $1000 if you bless us with a set worthy of that price tag. Please make me remember what is like to be 8 again. I missed out on lego for many years because i didn’t have the money but now i do and i really want to spend it on Legos. I bet theres many Ppl here that feel the same.

  4. George McDougall

    I am hoping crossover characters such as the Baron from adventures and the alien conquest who have canon with power minors and atlantis can expand upon the canon. If they bring back castle i hope they do not come up wth a new group of knights. The Black Falcons could use a king queen and princess.

  5. Raymond

    Classic space for sure, I have suggested this numeros times over the years and find that it is still very popular.

  6. phubans

    I feel like Bionicle is going to be selected and that’s very disappointing. There’s too many 90s babies that like Bionicle because it was well marketed to them but probably can’t tell anybody why it’s good other than nostalgia. It feels so far removed from all other Lego themes traditionally that it doesn’t even feel like Lego. Ice Planet, Castle, or Pirates would make the most sense to me, but thanks to the most active generation on the Internet Bionicle will probably get the most votes.

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