LEGO Ideas holds fan vote to revive a classic theme for the LEGO 90th Anniversary Set [News]

Next year the LEGO Group will celebrate its 90th anniversary, and to mark the occasion LEGO is planning bring back a classic theme with the help of fans. The company has assembled a list of 30 iconic themes and is holding a fan vote to select the best one. The winning theme will be turned into a single new set that will launch next year as part of the company’s lineup aimed at adult fans.

The voting process will be split into two parts. Starting today, fans can vote for their favorites among all 30 themes, and each fan will get to choose up to three themes to move forward. This first round of voting will be open for one week until Jan. 25. Then LEGO will compile the top three themes and hold a run-off vote starting Feb. 3, where each fan will get to select their single favorite. LEGO won’t announce the final winning theme right away as they intend to keep it secret for a while, presumably until they’re ready to reveal the finalized set based on the theme. The new set will be dubbed LEGO’s 90th Anniversary Set.


Following are the themes that are to be considered (scroll to the end for the link to vote)



Classic Space

Classic Castle

Lion Knights

Black Falcons

Model Team



Black Knights



Space Police




Dragon Knights

Ice Planet




Time Cruisers



Xtreme Team

Rock Raiders




Alpha Team

Visit LEGO Ideas for the details of the revival programme. Head over to the Activity Page to vote, [Click View Entries on the right], and note the deadline of January 25th, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CEST (4 a.m. EST).

19 comments on “LEGO Ideas holds fan vote to revive a classic theme for the LEGO 90th Anniversary Set [News]

  1. maxfragg

    okay, so, there are _too_ many castle themes, if we as community want a castle theme to be the winner, we have to collectively choose one theme to vote for, otherwise the votes will be too dispursed!

  2. Theo Huisman

    Model team another semi truck and trailer with all the lego name plates from over the years on the side

  3. Deluxe

    There are too many subthemes for Castle and Space and to many great themes in general.
    So: Model Team (made me dream when I was a child), Blacktron (black and yellow 1st ed.), M-Tron (great color combination, great vehicles).

    Runners up : Black Falcons, Imperials

  4. MaffyD

    I’m calling it now – because of how the classic space, classic castle and ‘adventure’ themes have been split up, I reckon we’ll get Bionicle as the 90th Anniversary set.

  5. winstonheard

    They should have started with broader themes (castle, space, underwater, etc.) and then separated them out into sub-themes as they moved on in the contest. I fear we’re going to end up with something that makes few people happy

  6. dekmaine

    What’s really the difference between Model Team and Creator Expert? Isn’t the former simply a forerunner to the latter?

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