19 comments on “LEGO Bionicle

  1. Manos

    Best franchise ever needs the revive with old fashion technic parts and all the other Bionicle parts that made Bionicle great. Let’s make Bionicle Great Again.

  2. Loren garms

    Bionicles made up most of my favorite childhood toys and i still have most of them. Absolutely loved all of the series that came out, and watched the movies repeatedly

  3. Justin Price

    The bionicle franchise still has a large and loyal fan base to this day. It would we a true pleasure to see the return of bionicle. To once again know the feeling of buying your favorite set and taking it home.

  4. Jordan

    Bionicle was my childhood and it would be awesome to get it back. I haven’t bought Lego in nearly 10 years but bionicles I would hands down buy.

  5. Matthew

    If anything comes back, it’s gotta be bionicle. They can release lego ideas kits to cover the other categories simultaneously, but nothing can replace bionicle. The uniqueness of the pieces and the nostalgia of it will be so nice to witness again.

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