Black Friday offers from LEGO specialist stores Citizen Brick and Brickmania [News]

While we’ve been sharing Black Friday offers from both Amazon and LEGO, do also check out offers from LEGO related small businesses that make this community a little more diverse in options around specialised themed sets and minifigures.

Citizen Brick Black Friday offer

Citizen Brick is bundling the annual holiday tin FREE with any order above $100. One tin per order and if you’re looking to grab two, just put in two separate orders (a tip we picked up from their Instagram page). The tin is also added automatically, and you won’t see it in your cart (while supplies last!)

If you’re still figuring what to add into your shipping cart, you do may want to consider these extremely unique and weird Halloween minifigure and parts that we’ve reviewed.

Or else, these are the new Christmas specials that are the highlights. [Row 1, L-R] Baseball Enthusiast, Playhouse Enthusiast, Purple Guitar Royalty, Baseball Gang Members, [Row 2, L-R] Horror Movie Host, Cowbell Enthusiast, Party Rights Advocates – Special TV Detective Edition)


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Brickmania Black Friday Offer

Brickmania is having a 5% discount on Landos Randos (up to 15) when preordering one of two qualifying sets. Offer while stocks last and you can find more details on their website.

H-125 Helicopter – California Highway Patrol Aircraft

Doomsayer Brew Pub – Brickmania Randoverse

Landos Randos

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    I need the Svengoolie….. er, “Horror Movie Host” minifig in my life! Not at 25 bucks though…..

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