Citizen Brick’s custom LEGO minifigure elements for Halloween 2020 [Review]

In addition to excellent custom minifig parts and minifigs inspired by the likes of the Beastie Boys and Bob Ross, our friends at Citizen Brick have begun producing their own injection-molded items. For Halloween 2020 the CB team have released a bevy of creepy custom minifig parts for you to mix and match with your LEGO.

We’ve said before that what’s so awesome about Citizen Brick products is that they’re the sort of thing that LEGO themselves will likely never release, while remaining compatible with LEGO. This makes custom parts produces like Citizen Brick distinct from knockoffs and clone brands that compete with LEGO and are often of inferior quality. Because CB has earned our respect with printing quality that’s indistinguishable from LEGO’s own, it’s exciting to see them branch out to custom parts, allowing LEGO fans to go beyond the confines of the staid bricks from Billund. Let’s take a look at what the mad scientists of Chicago have cooked up.

Two of the most straightforward custom elements are scaled-up versions of the standard LEGO minifigure head and hand. But to keep the parts fully compatible with LEGO bricks, both the stud on top of the head and the inside of the hand are the size of a 1×1 round brick. The LEGO System proportions and connections are further reinforced with the hollow stud on the big minifig head, which fits a standard stud in the same way that an official LEGO minifig head’s hollow stud (and hand) fits a bar.

I’ve never personally had any issues with arms cracking from swapping minifig hands out over the past 30+ years, but other builders have complained about cracks at the wrist, so proceed with caution. Using the giant head with the giant hands results in a rather horrifying infantile appearance, the terror all the more heightened by the subject matter.

Perhaps even more disturbing than the inflated heads are the elongated heads. These have the diameter of standard minifigure heads, but are stretched vertically.

We’ll have some fun with the weirder printings in a moment, but it’s actually the “normal” faces that look the strangest when elongated, almost like your computer screen is glitching, but in person.

The more detailed prints include a creepy clown, creepy metal-head, some sort of creepy backwoods murder-man, and of course an especially terrifying zombie.

Taking your own inspiration from the faces to create minifig monstrosities is sure to be a good time for all.

Further riffing on the basic minifig head, the double head simply shoves two heads onto a single neck, with gimp, eye, juggalo, zombie, and non-plussed minifig head versions.

As simple as the idea may be, it results another batch of hideous creatures. For LEGO fans worried about these custom parts being confused for “real” LEGO, the studs are all stamped with the Citizen Brick “CB” logo.

The melting heads add further mayhem and confusion to your LEGO layouts, repeating the zombie and eye motifs, plus a version that looks like a fried egg.

Used as minifig heads, they make for monsters that wouldn’t look amiss among the unique heads produced for official LEGO themes like Monster Fighters and Hidden Side.

But these parts work beyond the standard minifig neck, fitting comfortably on normal studs so that you can frighten your fellow minifigs with a hilarious a zombie ice cream cone.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without candy corn, right? CB is releasing three candy corn heads in zombie, America!, and regular “flavors.”

Candy corn isn’t everyone’s favorite Halloween candy, of course. But for those who love it, or those who delight in inflicting horror on those of us who don’t, Citizen Brick gives you the opportunity to dress up your minifig self as an anthropomorphic waxy confection.

As fun and well-made as these custom parts are, they’re not quite as perfect as the bricks that clatter off the molding machines run by the LEGO Group. Some custom parts makers err on the side of clutch that’s too loose, with the parts tending to fall out of hands (in the case of weapons or tools) or fall off of heads (in the case of helmets or other headgear). Achieving the extremely high tolerances achievable with molds that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are intended to last decades is not always possible for small-scale custom parts makers. Given all that, I’ll take clutch that’s too tight over too loose, and that’s the case with some of these new parts from CB — the melty heads in particular.

Conclusions & recommendation

There’s always a risk when a well-respected company does something totally new. I’ve personally been a huge fan of the Citizen Brick design team’s custom-printed items for many years, but branching out to their own custom elements is an entirely new proposition. I’m very pleased with these new items, from concept to execution. If the minifigure is a “platform” (as some LEGO staff have called it), Citizen Brick is extending that platform in new and strange directions.

We may be living in strange times indeed, but the strangeness of Citizen Brick’s designs comes from a place of humor rather than fear, and by embracing the weirdness of the things that go bump in the night, we can laugh in the face of fear. Not everything I review for TBB brings me joy, even if I recommend the product objectively for our readers. These hilarious new custom items from Citizen Brick certainly bring me joy, and I’m sure they will for many of you as well.

The Halloween assortment of Citizen Brick designs is available today on

Citizen Brick sent The Brothers Brick early copies of these parts for review. Sending The Brothers Brick products for review guarantees neither coverage nor a positive review. Citizen Brick is an advertising partner of The Brothers Brick. Advertisers have no influence over editorial content.

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  1. Vector

    Just curious, do the “costume” tall heads come in darker skin tones for the small face in the window? I poked around the site and couldn’t find anything.

    I’d love to pick up the melting fried egg and the regular candy corn!

  2. Jimmy

    @MAT that’s what I was thinking too!

    @Andrew are the bigger heads in any way compatible with the older big Technic fig helmets?

  3. HÃ¥kan


    At least the Technic helmets have no anti-stud, which I guess would make them a decent fit for all heads of approximately the same size. (Seems like a Technic head has a diameter of approximately 150 mm and a Technic helmet of 200 mm.)

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