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LEGO reveals final set from the new 2018 Fall Ninjago wave: the giant Oni Titan mech [News]

When we announced the rest of the new Ninjago lineup, we knew there would be at least one more set revealed. Now LEGO has revealed the Oni Titan mech as that final set. This fall the Ninjago crew is headed to the wastelands, where they’ll match wits and blades with a band of road warriors with fearsome scavenged vehicles. The Oni Titan, however, is a bit more traditional Ninjago, though we’re not sure yet if he’s fighting for the Ninjas or Garmadon. Besides the Oni Titan mech, the set includes 4 minifigures. Check out the full details below, and don’t miss our hands-on review of the brand new Ninjago City Docks.

Click to see the full Oni Titan mech

3 new LEGO Minecraft sets announced, including a skeleton trap & skull arena [News]

LEGO has just announced three more sets to the incredibly popular Minecraft theme. Having spawned from an Ideas set designed by fans (including yours truly) the Minecraft theme now consists entirely of minifigure-scale sets with lots of animals. Each set has an emphasis on modularity that’s consistent with Minecraft’s aesthetic.

21145 The Skull Arena | 198 pieces | 19.99 (USD) 24.99 (CAD) | Available in August

This PvP arena set includes lots of rare features like Minecraft’s infamous Killer Bunny (a Monty Python reference), along with a golden apple, though it’s unclear if it’s enchanted or not. For LEGO builders, it’s worth noting the pearl gold 2×2 bricks, which is a new color for one of LEGO’s most common elements. This set includes a pair of player minifigures.

Click to see all of the new Minecraft sets

More 2018 LEGO Batman sets revealed, plus we’ve got a hands-on video of the App-Controlled Batmobile [News]

We announced the new Boost-powered App-Controlled Batmobile earlier today, but that wasn’t the only new Batman set in the works. LEGO’s got three new sets planned for August, including some all-new characters.

76111 Batman: Brother Eye Takedown 269 pieces | Age 6+ 29.99 (USD) 34.99 (CAD)

Available in August

Featuring Batman, Brother Eye, and Batwoman, this set includes the full lineup of new Bat accessories and Brother Eye’s creepy floating eyeball satellite facing off against a very pointy Bat-Jet.

Click here to see more of the new Batman sets

Additional LEGO Star Wars 2018 sets revealed, including Hoth Medical Chamber [News]

Earlier we brought you a first look at four new LEGO Star Wars sets, including the super cool Snoke’s Throne Room. But today LEGO is revealing their whole lineup for this fall, so we’ll be going through each theme and bringing you all the latest news, including hands-on photos of many of these sets from LEGO’s special Fall 2018 Preview event. Let’s start off with 3 more LEGO Star Wars sets.

75203 Hoth Medical Chamber, 255 pieces | Age 7+ 29.99 (USD) 39.99 (CAD)

Available in August

Click to see the rest of the new Star Wars sets

LEGO reveals four new Star Wars sets coming this fall, including Snoke’s Throne Room from The Last Jedi [News]

LEGO has just revealed four new Star Wars sets, available starting August 1. They include a new Sandcrawler, X-Wing, and Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter, along with a playset of Snoke’s Throne Room from The Last Jedi. Check out the images below, and check back later today as we’ll be bringing you a hands-on look at these sets (and much more!) from LEGO’s Fall 2018 Preview event this afternoon.

[Update: Don’t miss our in-person coverage of these sets]

And don’t miss the rest of the new Star Wars sets, including the Hoth Medical Chamber.

75216 Snoke’s Throne Room, 492 pieces

Click to check out the rest of the new Star Wars sets

LEGO announces programmable Batmobile that’s controlled with an app [News]

LEGO is expanding on its hit line of Boost programmable motorized kits. While the initial set was called Boost, the system it’s inspired will be called Powered Up. We got our first look at one of these back in February at Toy Fair with the Ninjago dragon Stormbringer, but today LEGO has announced that your favorite black-caped crusader, Batman, is getting some upgrades to his ride in the form of a programmable Batmobile. All of the Powered Up sets can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app (on both iOS and Android), and some — like the Batmobile — will include motors while others need to be paired with the Boost set for full functionality. The LEGO Batman 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile will be available August 1 for $99.99. It includes 321 pieces.

Also check out our hands-on demo of the App-Controlled Batmobile.

Click to read the full press release and see more images

LEGO reveals full pictures of the Unikitty theme and Collectible Unikitty Series 1 [News]

While we got a look at the box art for the six sets a few weeks ago, today LEGO’s given us full images of all the sets, including the Unikitty Collectible character line. Like the Powerpuff Girls that LEGO also announced today, these sets will be available beginning August 1. As befits Unikitty and her zany band, the sets are filled with bright colors and play features. Because they’re primarily targeted at the young demographic of fans of the Unikitty television show, the sets themselves may not be the most exciting for adult fans, but look closely and you’ll spot some new elements that will certainly be useful.

Click to see all the Unikitty Sets

LEGO’s Powerpuff Girls theme has finally been revealed [News]

After teasing the minifigures way back in February, LEGO has finally revealed two sets from the Powerpuff Girls theme. Both are small playsets, and the highlights for fans will definitely be the minifigures. They will be available August 1.

Click to see all of the Powerpuff Girls sets

The magical world of LEGO Harry Potter is back with a fascinating lineup of sets [News]

It’s been 17 years since the very first lineup of LEGO Harry Potter sets hit store shelves and 7 years since the theme was discontinued. To be honest, we missed the magical world of Harry Potter so badly, and finally the pictures of the new sets are here! Although, we still unable to drag our gaze from LEGO Harry Potter BrickHeadz sets unveiled the day before, but the new sets unveiled today look as sweet as they can be!

Click here to see all sets!

First pictures of the new LEGO City trains with new Power Functions elements [News]

LEGO City is growing especially rapidly this year, and while citizens enjoy hiking and rafting or busy making a doctor’s appointment, the new trains are arriving – 60197 Passenger Train and 60198 Freight Train. Both look very fresh and include some brand new Power functions elements, which we can’t wait to play with!

60197 Passenger Train | €129.99

Click here to see both trains!

Adorable LEGO Harry Potter Brickheadz characters are finally unveiled! [News]

The magical world of LEGO Harry Potter is returning in 2018 with several sets to be released late Summer including the stunning 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall. We could hardly imagine a set better than the Hogwarts castle, but 3 brand new LEGO Harry Potter Brickheadz sets have just been unveiled and they are magically cute! The characters include Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, and adorable snowy owl Hedwig.

Click here to see our favorite characters in Brickheadz format!

LEGO Ninjago summer wave revealed; features ninjas fighting post-apocalyptic raiders [News]

The new summer wave of 2018 Ninjago sets has been revealed, and the ninjas this time have moved to what appears to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Their foes are a band of raiders, and we can’t help but think that the designers over in LEGO HQ in Billund might have had Mad Max: Fury Road playing in the background while working on these sets (a quite different vibe than the designers of the new City Hospital were channeling).

The lineup also includes some more traditional Ninjago fare as well, such as flying spinners and of course several dragons. The blue dragon, 70652 Stormbringer, can be paired with LEGO Boost, as we saw in our hands-on demo at the New York Toy Fair back in February. And of course, the biggest set out of Ninjago’s summer wave is the new Ninjago City Docks which we revealed a few weeks ago. We’ll be bringing you a review of that set next week, along with some of the sets below.

Even though we’re getting a look at 11 sets today, we know LEGO still has at least a few more summer Ninjago sets to announce. We’ll be covering those as soon as they’re revealed, so be sure to check back.

70654 Dieselnaut

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