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LEGO Dungeons & Dragons 6510864 Mimic GWP and Red Dragon’s Tale campaign – The adventure continues!

Tomorrow is a very big day for LEGO and D&D fans, with LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale preparing to hit store shelves. But this massive new set also ushers in a few optional items that go along with it. Beginning on April 1st, the Red Dragon’s Tale campaign book will be available in the LEGO Insiders Rewards shop (US | CAN | UK) for 2,700 points. And if you purchase the new LEGO Ideas set between April 1st – 7th from the LEGO website, you’ll be able to pick up the 168-piece LEGO Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Dice Box GWP along with the massive tower (US | CAN | UK). The GWP may also be available from resellers via eBay. I got a chance to look at both before they hit store shelves. Read on to find out if these accessories are worth picking up!

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO Insiders Weekend 2023 offers two days of sets and deals [News]

The holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear this weekend, and LEGO has planned two days full of sales and special offers on its website for those that participate in the Insiders program. Several sets like LEGO Icons 10315 Tranquil Garden, LEGO Batman 76252 Batcave Shadowbox, and LEGO Icons 10323 PAC-MAN Arcade are offering 3x Insiders points with purchase. And a handful of others are even going for 4x Insiders points, like LEGO Technic 42130 BMW M 1000 RR. But if none of those sets are on your list, the entire site has 2x points for the whole weekend.

For those packing their digital shopping carts full of sets, there are a pair of gifts-with-purchase that are available: LEGO Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall for orders of US $170 | CAN $220 | UK £150 or more, and 40595 Majisto’s Magical Workshop for orders greater than US $250 | CAN $330 | UK £220.

And while you’re on your way to complete your digital Christmas shopping (or just shopping for yourself, if you’re like me), please consider heading to LEGO US | LEGO CAN | LEGO UK via our affiliate links on The Brothers Brick. By using those links, you help to support our efforts to highlight the best builds, news, and reviews in our LEGO community. We use the funds generated via links like these to cover server costs, event sponsorships, and other ways The Brothers Brick serves the LEGO hobbyist community.

LEGO Insiders can win their Christmas wishlist [News]

Everyone wants to get LEGO for Christmas, right? Even better if it’s free! (Santa Claus may make it free to you, but even he surely has to pay for it.) Well, LEGO Insiders will have the opportunity to get just that with a sweepstake to win sets on your holiday wishlist. All you have to do is sign up for Insiders if you haven’t already, create your wishlist here, email it to yourself (make sure you use the same email linked to your Insiders account!), and fill out the entry form on the Rewards page. Do note that it’s only applicable in certain territories: the USA, Canada (excluding Quebec), the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and, naturally, Denmark.

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LEGO Insiders program kicks off with a 1,000,000 point treasure hunt [News]

As many of you know from our earlier article, the VIP system is being replaced with LEGO Insiders as of today, August 21st. To kick off the transition to this new comprehensive loyalty program, LEGO is holding a contest through October 2nd with a jackpot of 1,000,000 Insiders points. For those working out the math, that equates to US $9,000 | CAN $12,000 | UK £7,000 in discounts on purchases through LEGO stores and their website. The form of the contest is a treasure hunt, with the prize “buried” amid LEGO parts. Using an AR phone app, piles of System bricks can be scanned in search of a golden brick or other prizes. These can include digital LEGO comic books, bonuses for LEGO games, and other items. But for the grand 1M point prize, six winners will be chosen each week, making for 54 winners over the treasure hunt’s duration. More info is available at www.LEGO.com/Treasure-Hunt. And if you want to skip right to the fine print, that’s available here.

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LEGO debuts its new comprehensive loyalty program: LEGO Insiders [News]

Today, LEGO is announcing a new loyalty program for adults, set for launch in a week on August 21st. LEGO Insiders will not only replace the existing VIP Rewards program, but also merge other LEGO entities like LEGO Ideas and LEGO Life into a single account. This means one username and password to manage, no matter which LEGO service you’re accessing. LEGO has stated their goals as increased ease of access, a lower the barrier to entry into their loyalty program, and benefits that expand beyond those currently offered by the VIP Rewards system. You’ll be able to create a new account using this link, or by scanning designated QR codes at LEGO stores starting on the 21st. Unlike with VIP, where talk of the program was largely contained to the register or their website, expect this new system to be broadly advertised.

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