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LEGO Insiders program kicks off with a 1,000,000 point treasure hunt [News]

As many of you know from our earlier article, the VIP system is being replaced with LEGO Insiders as of today, August 21st. To kick off the transition to this new comprehensive loyalty program, LEGO is holding a contest through October 2nd with a jackpot of 1,000,000 Insiders points. For those working out the math, that equates to US $9,000 | CAN $12,000 | UK £7,000 in discounts on purchases through LEGO stores and their website. The form of the contest is a treasure hunt, with the prize “buried” amid LEGO parts. Using an AR phone app, piles of System bricks can be scanned in search of a golden brick or other prizes. These can include digital LEGO comic books, bonuses for LEGO games, and other items. But for the grand 1M point prize, six winners will be chosen each week, making for 54 winners over the treasure hunt’s duration. More info is available at www.LEGO.com/Treasure-Hunt. And if you want to skip right to the fine print, that’s available here.

Read up on the treasure hunt below!